mardi 12 juin 2012

The Madonna Belt

Madonna is coming to the city and I wanted to buy tickets for her concert. A ticket is $300+.
 OK, maybe I am not such a big fan.

After all my fondness for Madonna is not so much artistic as professional. At the end of '80 I was teaching French in a small international school in Kabul. Most of the students were  children of diplomats, nice but rather spoiled and showing  little interest in learning French. But everything changed when I came back from holliday sporting a studded belt. "Oh you wear a Madonna belt, how beautiful!" And so my prestige and authority improved considerably, thanks to this music and fashion icon.

I remembered this story after viewing Sacramento's post here.

madonna Belt

Gorjana wrap jewelry
€45 -

Calleen Cordero studded belt
$260 -

Zadig Voltaire studded belt
$116 -

HTC red studded belt
€189 -

Blue studded belt
£5 -

Wide belt
$225 -

Pieces genuine leather belt
£5 -

Warehouse studded belt
£28 -

Studded belt
$75 -

VERSACE Belt With Studs
€322 -

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  1. Thank you for you comment!
    Have a great day!

  2. Beautiful belts!
    Love Madonna! ;)
    Great post!

    Kisses from La vie en Rouge!

  3. yay! at least we can afford something like her hahah :P


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