samedi 19 mai 2012

Home Style Versus Street Style

We are used to see a lot of pictures of street fashion, of how people dress casually on their daily life. Much less is mentioned, however, about how we dress when we leave behind the street  and enter our private sphere, at home. After all we spend at least as much time at home that on the street. 

I brought from my many travels a lot of wonderful dresses that I wear exclusively when I come back from work. Among these, there are beautiful Syrian embroidered kaftans, a sumptuous Lebanese dress, sequined covered dresses I bought in Jordan (unfortunately the sequins fall apart and I have to clean the house of glitter afterwards); hand printed African dresses. And even a colourful red Mexican dress.

For me, wearing these outfits in the evening means letting behind both work and street universe altogether. I enter into a quiet and relaxing environment. A good and needed change.

And dreaming of...

and more...

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