jeudi 3 mai 2012

Sexy Is Not A Corporate Look

I today

I had a busy day today: several meetings, things to set, people to talk with. I am wearing a black dress by Joseph Ribkoff, a Canadian designer, my Tibi shoes, an Amber ring and necklace;  a beige Pashmina shawl on my shoulders for this  chilly day. Do I look serious enough for this corporate environment?

In her article The Look for Success (  Diane Craig states that “Sexy is not a corporate look”. She adds that dressing provocatively in the workplace is the kind of mistake that can severely damage a woman’s credibility.

Among her tips for a credible appearance:
  • Your clothing needs to fit properly. You don’t want to over-emphasize body parts
  • Don’t reveal cleavage. It’s a distraction to others
  • Don’t show too much leg (my note: Angelina Jolie you are fired). Short skirts draw attention to your legs. Etc, etc, etc.

 I cannot but ask several questions: Does our credibility depends of how we dress only? How about competence and professionalism – should these be clothes related? Are we sexy only when we show our skin? What exactly means “sexy” nowadays? How about women who do not care how they look? Are they more or less credible than women who do?
I understand that “the others” are men. What if I work in a feminine environment, among women only? Shall I show leg and cleavage or it is still not appropriate?
I see here enough food for thought to have a busy evening.

2 commentaires:

  1. Ooh love that look!!
    And yes, I agree, at work you need to dress appropriately, but I think that it depends on the person sees what "sexy" is, so its hard to say.

  2. I believe that work attire should be appropriate. However, I am a woman and I will not cover up the fact that I am a woman. I'm not going to go baring breasts and thighs of course :) but a well fitted suit that tastefully shows off my figure and some heels is fine. Guys will just have to get over themselves! They're boobs, dudes! Just boobs!! :) Thanks so much for your birthday wishes! So sweet :)


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