samedi 9 juin 2012

Touring the Savannah

I took a tour in a national park in Zambia, at sunset. It was late and all other tourists had left already.

We met  this imposing head  of family...

and his spouse who turned her back to us.

Another family was walking by,

they made me think of the Jungle Book (Disney's not Kipling's).

Then we met these three guys.

I was told that they were males, about 8 year old.

I saw plenty of impalas, kudus and other animals. They watched us attentively and run as soon as we went closer. I wonder how do they see us, tourists wandering in their realm?

The most I liked the sunset and reddish colours of African scenery.

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  1. Wow! It had to be an amazing experience to see many animals in a national park :)


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