samedi 5 janvier 2013

White fur and some memories

I must confess that I love fur; real and also faux fur. I have several coats and I dream for more, as well as hats, scarves, and collars. The snowy winter we have right now provides the best scenery to wear a long white fox fur coat.

I was not always a fur lover. Many years ago I lived in Afghanistan. Kabul, the capital, was a livable place then. The big fashion among the expatriate community ladies was to have a custom made karakul coat. It was affordable and of good quality, and it became a kind of uniform. Every winter I was surrounded by a flock of black or grey karakul cladded people, for men and children equally adopted the fashion.

It was too much for me and I fiercely rejected any attempt some friends had to make me buy such outfit. During all those years I proudly wore my brown parka and felt unique.

 Kabul under snow.

 Karakul fur


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  1. wow..kabul looks so different and livable back then!!!!

    happy new year :)


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