mardi 28 août 2012

Emulation and Conspicuous Consumption

I fell in love with this picture posted in Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Age blog, and I tried to replicate it with what I had on board. Emulation without conspicuous consumption.

Years ago I was sitting in a small park close to my office building, reading Veblen's book The Theory of the Leisure Class where the term of conspicuous consumption comes from. I had an exam to prepare. It was fall, the leaves in the park were falling to the ground and a tall young man whom I took for a halfwit was sweeping them away. Suddenly he bent towards me and said "This is a difficult book. It took me three weeks to read it". Maybe he was a student who had a part time job, or maybe he was just joking; or maybe I dreamt it all.

3 commentaires:

  1. am liking both the look, the one you are trying to recreate and the one you have!!

  2. This is a very particular and interesting style!

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  3. wow I love that photo..the dog is beautiful too!
    That sounds like an interesting book. I once wrote a paper on conspicuous consumption


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