dimanche 20 mai 2012

Birthday evening

I had a birthday dinner yesterday evening. We went to a steakhouse and eat escargots (snails) and then a steak . It was so good that I forgot to take  pictures. The focus of my attention was however  the Montagne de Pyrenés or Patou, the dog of my dreams. There was a man with three such dogs on a bench in front of the restaurant. Children stopped to pet them, parents to talk with the owner. Everybody was enthralled with these very friendly dogs. The Montagne de Pyrenees was Belle in Belle et Sebastien which charmed my childhood as well as Capi, from Sans Famille the movie with Pierre Richard I watched not so long ago on DVD. If one day I will have a dog this will be. I will call mine either Aubisque like the Pyrenéean peak, or Capi. Or maybe I will have two such dogs.

I wore my new Sam Haskins printed T-shirt, I just got from Japan; a velvet-satin skirt, grey Prada Mary Janes and the silver Cambridge Satchel Company bag.

This is how it looked.

Birthday evening

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  1. Happy belated Birthday! Pleased that you had a nice dinner! LOVE that Billy Idol tee!!



  2. Happy birthday! Beautiful dog! :) I'm following you now :)



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