samedi 6 octobre 2012

The Bond's Girls

Yesterday was James Bond’s 50th anniversary. I love these movies which I discovered late in life. Of course the Communist regime didn’t allow us to watch movies where the Soviet Union and its satellites appeared as the empire of evil. Nevertheless the Cinema Magazine I faithfully read showed pictures of various Bonds and especially of the glamorous Bond’s girls. You may agree with me that without these beautiful  girls, both good and bad James would probably loose some of his luster. Following there is a list of as many  I could find, a little pele mele.
The first two do not qualify as Bond’s girls. I would rather say that all the Bondses were somehow their boy. Judi Dench as M was at last the end of a long running stereotype that marred these movies. That of dependent, madly in love woman falling like  rain in the hero’s arms and bed. From this point of view the bad Bond’s girls are more interesting that the others. They had a hidden agenda.

Barbara Bach, Polish actress, former girlfriend of Roman Polanski and Ringo Starr's wife. She starred in The Spy who Loved Me (1977).

Britt Eckland, the Man of Golden Gun (1974).

Carole Bouquet, French, For yours Eyes Only, 1981

Caterina Murino, Italian, Casino Royale 2006

Claudine Auger, French, Thunderball, 1965

Daniela Bianchi, Italian, From Russia with Love, 1963

Denise Richards, American, The World Is Not Enough, 1999

Fammke Janssen, Netherland, Goldeneye,1995

Grace Jones, American, A View to a Kill, 1985

Halle Berry, American, Die Another Day, 2002

Jane Seymour, British, Live and Let Die, 1973

Jill St John, British, Diamonds are Forever, 1971

Kim Basinger, American, Never Say Never Again, 1983

Maud Adams, Swedish, Octopussy, 1983

Michelle Yeoh, Malaysia, Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997

Teri Hatcher, American, Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997

Sophie Marceau, French, The World is not Enough, 1999

Olga Kurylenko, Russian, Quantum of Solace, 2008

Ursula Andress, Switzerland, dr No, 1962

Eva Green, French, Casino Royale, 2006

Diana Rigg, British, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, 1969

Lois Maxwell, British, Miss Moneypenny

Judi Dench, British, M

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  1. Great Bond Girls ,amazing!

    Happy Sunday ,kisses

  2. So many incredibly beautiful women! Great to see Judi Dench on the list, still looking amazing and powerful!


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