mercredi 12 septembre 2012

Is Black Back?

I was never an all black person, although at one point in my life I affectionate all white, but not anymore. Therefore I enjoyed the shower of colours the fashion designers poured over us, aspiring fashionistas during this last year and a half. Nevertheless, during the last fashion show in NY as well as in many look books I was surprised about how many black outfits appeared. Is black back? Has it ever left the fashion scene or is just my impression of its coming back? 

Source:Cool & chic style fashion on Facebook

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  1. thanks for your thinks about my mother. i hope you like other loooks like this:

    and maybe want to follow me if you like

  2. I love black, I wear quite a lot of it really. Just something that I like :) Gorgeous photos x

  3. yes it´s back!
    it´s excellent style and new ideas every time.


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