lundi 25 juin 2012


Hedi Slimane, the new head at Yves Saint Laurent decided to change the name of the brand to St Laurent Paris, for the pret-a -porter collections.  He may have his reasons, but I cannot say  I like it. It sounds like a street name. There is St Laurent Paris and St Laurent Montreal. What will happen to YSL logo? Anyway, that's his problem.

I purchased my Yves St Laurent blazer in Amman, Jordan in a boutique near Amra Hotel, the year Yves St Laurent passed away. I was gazing at the bleu-marine beauty when the seller approached me and asked me whether I wanted to buy it. This is from his last collection, he said, and I will make you a good price. These were strong incentives, indeed. After so many years the blazer is still highly wearable, still elegant and gives me a lot of pleasure.
Conclusion: when you really feel the urge of buying something beautiful, don't resist.

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  1. YSL is such an amazing design house, not so sure why they felt they need to change their name but the new name is very cool & chic! now following via GFC...

  2. Puramente elegancia !!!


  3. So elegant! Love the first bag!
    Your blog is really inspiring, it will be an honor for me if you can visit mine too, and if you want to follow each other, just let me know :) <3


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