jeudi 10 mai 2012

Mad as a Hatter

I  definitely have a garbo-esque obsession for  I watched another Greta Garbo movie yesterday evening. It was Ninotchka, one of my favourite old movies and a delightful comedy that captures some of the features of communist societies I knew so well. 

At one point, Ninotchka/Garbo who is a stern Russian communist official sent to Paris on mission (the period is 1930s) sees a hat in a window shop and exclaims:

"How can such a civilization survive which permits their women to put things like that on their heads? It won't be long now comrades." The hat looked very Schiaparelli type.

Shoe hat by Schiaparelli

Eventually, however she yielded and wore the hat.

Greta Garbo was the ultimate hat model and her fashion style was widely imitated. 

I found these beautiful pictures of Canadian-Romanian model Irina Lazareanu looking very Garbo-ish.


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  1. Love the wide black trousers!


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