mercredi 16 mai 2012

Ada Kaleh

Ada Kaleh was a small island on the Danube. It was inhabited mostly by Turks who knew how to prepare the best rose petals preserve and a drink named braga. I remember a song about Ada Kaleh, on the radio when I was a little girl; and these old paintings. The island was covered by the Danube waters  when the big dam was built.

Rose petals preserve recipe


      • 4 ounces rose petals from highly scented pink or red garden roses- organic if possible, untreated with insecticides - and wash thoroughly (Rosa Centifolia)
      • 4 cups sugar
      • 15 ounces water
      • 2 T lemon juice

          • Directions

          • Cut off the white ends of the petals and layer them in a noncorroding bowl with 1 C sugar, ending with a sugar layer on top. Cover the bowl and let stand 1-2 days.

            When you are ready to make the preserve, rub the petals  until they are reduced to a paste. This will take only a few minutes. Dissolve the remaining 3 cups of sugar in the water in a saucepan over low heat, making sure the syrup does not come to a boil, until the sugar is dissolved completely. Add in the rose petal mixture and boil over med heat about 20 minutes, until it reaches jam consistency - 214-217 degrees on a candy therometer.

            When it reaches the desired consistency and temperature, stir in the lemon juice, bring to boil and remove from heat. Skim the top and pour the preserve into perfectly clean, warm jars and seal. Keep in a cool and dark place.


Ada Kaleh


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