lundi 30 avril 2012

Shoes I'll Never Wear

I definitely prefer comfort over style although whenever I can  have both, I am happy. Therefore, I will never wear very tight clothes or for that matter, high heels, stilettos or wedges.  Even so, I cannot ignore the incredible strides  shoe design has made during the last years.  There are shoes that look like river stones, like delicate dragonflies, or like a slice of Brancusi’s infinite column. I know I will never be able to walk with such shoes, and I prefer to watch them with the same respect  and distance  I watch works of art .... And I look with envious admiration at women who can wear them gracefully.

4 commentaires:

  1. Yeah some shoes are definitely good just to look at.


  2. I would wear some of these but definitely ONLY while sitting down!!! Thanks for checking out my blog fellow Transylvanian! I would really love it if you come back and decide to follow; I will return the love!! Multumesc mult! Mersi!


  3. I think some of those wouldn't be bad. Wedges are surprisingly comfortable, even if they are super high :)


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